About Us

I was offered to take over a transportation company operating in Puerto Aventuras back in 2013. Being in the service and hospitality business fore more than 10 years I thought “How hard can this be?” Well, it sure was nothing like I had expected it to be! It was challenging to say the less, but it was a fully operating business with great employees and solid accounts. So I dedicated my time to understand all there was to know about it! 

After a while I realized that there was something missing… It just did not feel familiar to me and I found little joy in booking hotel shuttle services for tour operators. There was no personalized service, I had no contact with the customers directly and I had no space for creativity. So I decided to change the known and safe to venture into the unknown and new. With the help of our amazing team we created our own Signature Tours, in hopes of sharing our experiences with the travelers, so that they could know what is like to be a local in the Riviera Maya. We chose places that are more exclusive and authentic, places that even some of our locals don’t know about! We stopped doing shuttle services and focused solely in private – personalized service and it was great! 

Over the course of the past couple of years our business structure had to change. What seemed to be the end of an amazing journey turned out to be the start of an incredible chapter. Paradise Transfers & Tours serves now as a network for independent transportation services and local guides, as a bridge to connect customers with Mayan communities and undiscovered treasures in the Yucatan Peninsula. Working with PT&T means supporting local families, communities and small business; we are so grateful to be able to impact in such way and it is all thanks to you! 

Stephanie Geerts

CEO Paradise Transfers & Tours

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